How to test the app with VPN
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Have you turned on VPN and currency converter does not seems to be working?

When visitors enter your store for the first time, we auto detect their location.

We save their location for 6 hours - so if you are trying to test it with VPN on, it might seems like it's not working because it saved your location before.

Here's how to test everything is working as expected:

1. Turn on your VPN

2. Close all incognito tabs

3. Open a new incognito window

4. Visit your store


0. Open your store page in your browser.

1. Open the Google Chrome Console by pressing F12 key (

2. Select “Application” in the console’s top menu.

3. Select “Local Storage” in the console’s left menu.

4. Right click your site(s) and click clear to delete the local storage.

5. Turn on your VPN

6. Refresh the page

The correct currency appears.

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