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Themes 1.0 - How to add bundle bear to your store
Themes 1.0 - How to add bundle bear to your store
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Using a page builder like PageFly / GemPages / LayoutHub?

Follow this guide instead.

Using Themes 2.0?

Follow this guide instead.

Follow this guide to add Bundle Bear to your product page:

Open the app and click on “Enable”.

For most themes - that will do!

The app won't show?

Start by verifying that:

- You have an active offer (inside the offers tab > under the "active" column).

- You have not marked "Hide from storefront":

- The active offer includes a product page you were trying to test (if you marked "all products", you can check any product page).

Did you verify these and still could not get the app to show?

Follow these steps OR watch this video:

(1) Make sure your "Automated placement" checkbox is OFF and that you SAVED your design settings.

(2) Copy the tag (<div class="cb-bundles"></div>)

(3) Open your template file (Shopify admin > Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit code)

(4) Navigate to the theme coding and look for the product page.

In this example, the page is called "product-template.liquid" located under "sections".

As there are thousands of possible themes, this guide will not cover all cases.

(!) Can't find "product-template.liquid" file? look for product-form.liquid file instead.

(5) Paste the <div> in the file, under the {% endform %} line.

(!) Same goes for the product-form.liquid file if you used it in the previous step.

(!!) not working? try adding the snippet above the {% endform %} line.

(6) Click "Save"

That's it!

Go to your store and test the app.

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