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How to activate Checkout Bear in your store
How to activate Checkout Bear in your store
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Please note:

(1) Checkout Bear is a Shopify Plus dedicated app, and can not be used by other plans at the moment.

(2) Checkout Bear can only be used by Plus accounts who have access to the new Shopify checkout page editor. How will you know if you have access? Try opening this link: (replace XXXXXXX with your store name)

Don't have access to the new editor?

Please contact your Plus account manager and ask to enable it.

Video guide:

Text guide:

Step 1: creating an offer

(1) Open the Checkout Bear app

(2) Go to the Widgets tab

(3) Edit the Upsell widget (pencil icon on the right)

(4) Fill in your offer details:

Offer name - will only show to the admin, not your customers

Title text - optional text field

Choose a product to show inside the offer box

Button text - set the button text. On click, the product will be added to the cart

(5) Save your changes

(6) Activate the widget

Step 2: adding the widget in your checkout page editor

(1) Go to Online Store

(2) Go to Themes

(3) Click on Customize

(4) In the top page selection box, choose "Checkout"

(5) Go to the checkout page editor

(6) At the bottom, click on "Add app"

(7) Select Checkout Bear

(8) Select the widget to be Upsell

(8) Save your changes at the top right

Step 3: testing in the storefront

(1) Go to your storefront

(2) Add a product to your cart

(3) Go to the cart page / side cart and click on checkout

(4) See the offer inside the checkout page

(5) Add it to the cart

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