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Bundle discounts are not applied in checkout
Bundle discounts are not applied in checkout
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Why can't you see the bundle discount code in your checkout?

We apply the code when customers click on the "checkout" button in your cart page.

If the code did not go through, it can happen because of the following three reasons:

(1) Conflicting app - another app / script is grabbing the button click

If you are using another discount related app - they might grab the button to apply their own discount. Thus, our discount will not appear.

If you have any of these conflicting apps, Bundle Bear won't work as expected:

* Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy Apps

* Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers by Revy Apps

* One Click Upsell by Zipify

* In Cart Upsell by InCart Upsell

* Quantity Breaks & Discounts by SpurIT (now amai)

* Upsell for Product by SpurIT (now amai)

* Upsell Pop Up by SpurIT (now amai)

* Any other app by SpurIT / amai group

* Infinite Product Options by

* Volume & Tiered Discounts by

* VITALS | 40+ apps in one by VITALS

* UFE 2.0 ‑ Upsell Funnels by HELIXO

* Zoorix ‑ Upsell & Cross Sell by Zoorix

* Upsell Recommendations by Innonic

* Bundle Products By Thimatic

* Discounts & Quantity Breaksby Website On-Demand

* QD (Quantity Breaks/Discounts) by TenGrowth

* Route ‑ Shipping Protection by RouteApp LLC

* Checkout X

* Cartsentry Checkout

* Discount Ninja by Limoni Apps

* Pickup Options by Wave Commerce

* Checkify or any other 3rd party checkout platform

* Product Options and Customizer by SolverCircle

* Route

* Awesome Upsell

* Bold Subscriptions / discounts

* iCart

* Wizio Bundle: Quantity Breaks

There is no technical workaround in this case other than removing the blocking app.

(2) We were not able to detect the button click

That may happen on custom or modified themes.

In both case, follow these steps to try and workaround the issue:

Step 1: Open the app

Step 2: Open the Advanced tab

Step 3: Add a checkout selector >

Scroll down to the Custom checkout button selector

Click Add Selector

Open the storefront > add a product to the cart > go to your cart page / cart drawer

Click to inspect your checkout button (Right mouse click > Inspect)

Click to copy the selector (Right click on the button class > Copy > Copy selector)

Head back to the app

Paste the selector in the box

Save your changes.

Now go ahead and test again.

(3) Your customers used dynamic checkout buttons

^ dynamic checkout buttons

If your customers used dynamic checkout buttons from inside the product page or the cart page - the app won't apply the discount.

Technically, the discount code can only be applied through Shopify's checkout.

That means, that customers can still use dynamic checkout buttons - but from inside the checkout page.

So, if you want to avoid this scenario:

* hide your dynamic checkout buttons from the product page

* hide your dynamic checkout buttons from the cart page

(4) Your customers used "Buy Now" instead of going through the cart

If your customers used the buy now button that sent them directly to checkout from inside the product page - the app won't apply the discount.

The reason is that in this point in time, there's basically no cart.

The app needs to access the cart object to figure out which discount should be applied.

The way to get that done is by pausing the direct navigation - but in this case it's way too risky.

If you want to avoid this scenario - keep add to cart buttons only.

(5) The discount code was manually removed

Customers can click on the "X" next to the discount code and manually remove it from their order. It's usually unlikely, but technically possible.

If you can not replicate the same issue when you test a matching cart content - that would be the reason for the no show.

If you are running into any issues, please email us directly:

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