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Bundle discounts do not show in the cart page / cart drawer / ajax cart
Bundle discounts do not show in the cart page / cart drawer / ajax cart
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Why can't you see the discount indication in your cart?

We scan your cart page to find the subtotal and subtotal container to automatically show the discount rate and the before and after price.

As that's theme dependent - sometimes, the automated placement work won't.

You'll need to manually add custom selectors so we could detect those elements needed for the discount to show.

Follow these steps to add custom selectors to your cart page:

Follow the step by step video guide or proceed with the manual guide (or use both):

Step 1

Open the app > advanced tab > scroll all the way down to Custom cart notice selectors:

Step 2

(1) Add 2 selectors by clicking "Add Selector" twice.

(2) Select the type of cart you're using on both selectors.

(3) Set one selector to be "Cart subtotal" and the other to be "Cart subtotal container".

In other words: for each type of cart, there should be 2 selector boxes.

If you're using a drawer / slide cart - choose the "Ajax cart" type in the Cart Type dropdown menu.

Step 3

Each of those selectors needs an HTML element selector to work.

We are going to extract these selectors from your storefront.

Your cart may be different than the cart shown in this example, but you can apply the same logic to any other type of cart.

Open the storefront > add a bundle to the cart (or a quantity of a product that is eligible for a bundle discount) > Open the cart page

(1) Adding the cart subtotal

Point at the subtotal price box, left click:

Click inspect:

Click on the subtotal element HTML, left click and Copy selector:

Go back to the app, paste the selector in the Cart subtotal box:



Go back to the storefront.

(2) Adding the cart subtotal container

Click on the container box of the subtotal, left click > inspect > click the element and copy selector:

Go back to the app, paste the path in the Cart subtotal container box:


That's it.

Now, make sure you have a bundle or items that are eligible to get a discount in the cart.

The discount bundle should show as such:

Could not get it to work?

No worries, we will be happy to get that done for you.

Send us an email to [email protected]

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