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Hiding Sticky Add to Cart on certain pages (before page load)
Hiding Sticky Add to Cart on certain pages (before page load)
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Place this code inside the theme.liquid file before the </head> line:

<script>var disabledPages = ["YOUR PRODUCT NAME"];window.stickySetDoNotShow = disabledPages.some(e=>{return window.location.pathname.includes(e)});</script>

Make sure to replace YOUR PRODUCT NAME with your product name from the product page URL.

For example, if you want to hide it from this page:


<script>var disabledPages = ["blue-silk-tuxedo"];window.stickySetDoNotShow = disabledPages.some(e=>{return window.location.pathname.includes(e)});</script>

You can extend this logic to more product pages, as such:

<script>var disabledPages = ["YOUR PRODUCT NAME 1","YOUR PRODUCT NAME 2","YOUR PRODUCT NAME 3",];window.stickySetDoNotShow = disabledPages.some(e=>{return window.location.pathname.includes(e)});</script>

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