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Showing Sticky Add to Cart on custom pages
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Showcasing your best seller product on a custom page like the about or reviews is quick & easy with Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart.

We're going to set a custom product using the Sticky ATC API by placing some JS code in your theme file.

How to show a custom product on your homepage?

1. Make sure Sticky ATC is enabled via your app settings.

2. Visit the relevant product in your products catalog and get the product id from the url bar:

3. In your template file, preferably in theme.liquid head section paste the following code:

<script>var enabledPages = ["reviews","about-us",];if(enabledPages.some(e=>{return window.location.pathname.includes(e)})){window.customStickyProductId = 'YOUR-PRODUCT-ID'} </script>

Make sure to change the values inside the enabledPages array so they'll have your desired pages names.

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