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Cart page is showing product attributes / code
Cart page is showing product attributes / code
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This "error" only happens if:

* You're using product page funnels

* You've set the button action to be "go to cart" / "stay on page"

In this case, when customers accept your offers, Honeycomb will append a private line item property to the cart's line items.

In some older theme versions, these attributes (which look like code) render in the storefront cart.

You can hide these fields from your cart page by following these steps:

(1) Open cart-template.liquid using your theme editor:

(2) Search for the iterator that spreads the cart properties for each cart item by searching for something like '{%- for p in properties -%}'. Please note that each theme will have a unique way to to achieve this but the underlying logic will be similar:

(3) Now we would like to update the unless statement inside the for iterator so it avoids rendering the hidden honeycomb properties. We'll do this by creating a new variable named 'first_character_in_key' and updating the unless statement to include a new rule to avoid honeycomb hidden fields that include an underscore, "_", as the first character:

{% assign first_character_in_key = p.first | slice: 0 %}

{%- unless p.last == blank or first_character_in_key == '_' -%}


(4) Hit save and check your cart page - you're done!


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