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How to merge orders / Auto editing the initial order
How to merge orders / Auto editing the initial order
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On accepting thank you page offers, you can either:

* Create a new order

* Automatically edit the initial order


when using an external fulfillment provider you will need to verify they are able to track order changes. If your fulfillment service pulls the order information right at the moment when the order is made - you will end up with missing orders or unpaid products shipped to customers.

Make sure your fulfillment service is able to detect order changes - like removing and adding items from orders.

Instead of pulling the information immediately, add a time window that matches the your app settings (+ at least 10 minutes):

* If you are using an app that marks orders as fulfilled immediately after an order is made - edit orders will not work. It’s not technically possible to edit a fulfilled order.

* Once editing is turned on, customers will not be able to add an additional discount code to their purchase.

* If you are using ShipStation, contact their team to enable order editing: [email protected].

* In case the customer used a discount code in the initial order, it will be applied to any added product (including your upsell offers in case accepted).


Do NOT use this feature in case of COD orders. The app will auto remove the added products in this case, as they are considered to be unpaid.

Watch this video for an end to end overview:

Auto editing overview

Once customers accept upsell offers and proceed to checkout, the app will automatically edit their initial order to add upsell products. It’s just like editing a completed order manually, but the app does so automatically.

As customers proceed to checkout, the edited order checkout will be opened.

If customers have not completed their payment, a warning (customer owes you) is added.

If customers fail to complete the upsell order checkout within 10 minutes, we will re-edit the order and change it back to it’s original condition.

If customers completed their upsell order the status would be marked as paid.

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