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How to split test?
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1) Head over to your funnels tab.

2) Click on "New Funnel".

3) Select a funnel type.

4) Select a trigger.

5) Scroll down to the offer section and click "Create split test"

Split test will divide your potential viewers to A and B groups (50/50).

You can add any type of offers per each version.

For example:

Version A might a single upsell offer:

Product X for 20% off

Version B might have 3 upsell offers:

Product Y for 20% off

Product X for 50% off

Product Z without a discount

Click "save" and you're good to go!

Wondering how your versions are performing?

Click on the "Funnel analytics" icon in your funnels list.

Scroll down to see a comparison between the 2 versions.

You can stop the Split test at any time.

Click on "Edit funnel", scroll down to your offers list and click "Stop split test".

You will need to choose which version you want to keep.

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