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How to add multiple offers to a funnel
How to add multiple offers to a funnel
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The "upsell" type of offer (replace one product / variant with another) only supports a single offer.

For cross sell offers:

1. Open the "funnels" tab.

2. Click to add a new funnel or edit an existing one.

3. Scroll down to the offers section (the one with the purple background). You'll notice each offer has a number to indicate its order ("Offer #1").

4. Scroll down to the bottom of this section, and click "Add another offer".

5. A new offer (marked as "Offer #2") has been added and will be shown to your buyer right after "Offer #1".

6. Select the product you want to upsell, discount type and set a custom offer text.

7. Click "Save and Activate"

That's it!

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