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How to create an upsell funnel
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(!) For a detailed video guide, see this video

1. Open the Funnels tab and click on New Funnel.

2. Enter a funnel name or use the auto-generated name.

3. Select Cart page or Thank you page

Cart page > the funnel will show after customers click "continue to checkout" in your cart page or cart drawer

Thank you page > the funnel will after customers completed a purchase, on top of your thank you page


4. Select a trigger

* you can select a specific product, collection, cart size value or to show this funnel to all customers.

5. Add the first upsell offer in this funnel.


6. Optional - add another offer to show after the first one.

7. Add any custom rules like start and end time.

8. Click "Save and Activate"

That's it!

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